Wolfgang Koslowski : Nachruf

Veröffentlicht am 28.September 2020

Zum Gedenken an meinen Vater

Wolfgang Koslowski
Verstorben am 28. September 2016 auf See im Beisein seiner Liebsten,
so wie es sein Wunsch war.
Compass, sextant, nautical chart, anchor with broken chain....they all went overboard and
vanished in the sea in this massive storm, the biggest storm of my life which I barely survived.
After the storm persistent calm, no more steady winds blowing to fill my sails.
Since then searching for the right course with bare senses, still drifting kind of senseless
in waters I once knew but don't recognize any longer.
No swallow named "Mary" sitting on the railing any more....guess she flew away with you....
No one else on board but me.
The autopilot ist out of order, navigation has become a matter of luck.
The yacht is missing a captain. I'm missing you more than words can say.
Von deiner Tochter Cristina Koslowski